District Administration

Jennifer Mast, Superintendent   313-203-3180   mastjenn@dhsd7.net 
Kevin Brock, Assistant Superintendent     313-203-3171                     brockkev@dhsd7.net
Stephanie Gagne, Special Education Director    313-203-3176   gagneste@dhsd7.net
Sherry Kelly,  Business Manager    313-203-3173        kellyshe@dhsd7.net
Cindy DeSmit, Senior Executive Assistant, 
Superintendent/Board of Education
  313-203-3180    desmitci@dhsd7.net
Donna Davis,  Administrative Asst. to
Assistant Superintendent, 
   313-203-3171     davisdon@dhsd7.net
Jan Simmons, Administrative Asst.     313-203-0501   simmonja@dhsd7.net
 Jennifer Grimaldo, Administrative Asst. Payroll and Benefits    313-203-3174    grimalje@dhsd7.net
Leslie Davis,  Administrative Assistant,
Special Education 
   313-203-3176                    davisles@dhsd7.net
Carleen Cairns, Accounts Payable    313-203-3172    cairnsca@dhsd7.net
Jason Perkins, Director of Operations and Construction Management
    313-203-3231    perkinja@dhsd7.net
 Jerry Fitzgerald, Technology Coordinator    313-203-1430    fitzgeje@dhsd7.net
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