Citizens Advisory Committee

Application for Citizens Advisory Committee

The Dearborn Heights School District #7 Board of Education is creating a Citizens Advisory Committee to grow its ability to serve community needs actively and transparently. The Board is now seeking letters of interest from D7 citizens who may wish to serve on the new committee.

The purpose of the Citizens Advisory Committee is to gather input on community priorities on an ongoing basis, and to then make periodic recommendations to the Board of Education and the 
District's Superintendent. At the time of its formation the Committee will be asked to specifically focus on the community's priorities for programmatic improvements, in particular those related to health and wellness for the entire D7 school community.

In order to be appointed to this committee, chosen candidates must be citizens of D7, and affiliated with the D7 school community. Interested candidates for the committee are expected to be passionate about school improvements in areas of health and wellness that include but are not limited to improving mental health, improving safety, eliminating bullying, and promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Members selected to participate in the Committee should be mindful of the fact that they may from time to time be asked to comment on sensitive topics that impact individuals, including children, and to conduct themselves soberly and with great care to respect the confidentiality of individuals who may be involved with or impacted by the Committee's work. Individuals appointed by the Board to the committee must have the ability to at minimum:

  • Effectively communicate
  • Work well on teams
  • Create reports
  • Compile and analyze data
  • Make presentations to the Board of Education
  • Be flexible
  • Commit to attending meetings
  • Agree to and pass a background check
  • Sign and adhere to a confidentiality clause
  • Honor and execute Policy 9140 (see attached)

The Board intends to appoint 6-10 people to the committee. The Board may choose to create sub-committees and to appoint committee members to those sub-committees. The Board will collect interest letters until November 2, 2023 at 4 p.m. Interest letters are to be submitted via email to Secretary Windless at [email protected], with a copy to include Susan Surma at [email protected]. Or can be mailed directly to the Board office at 20629 Annapolis St., Dearborn Heights, MI 48125. The Board intends to make appointments to this committee at the regular board meeting on November 15, 2023, pending legal review and approval of all above-mentioned items.