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Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Mission -

Our mission is to inspire and empower our students to reach their full potential through opportunities and experiences in a safe, diverse, and collaborative environment. 

Vision -

We provide educational excellence, support the development of students’ unique identities, and foster life-long learning.

Belief Statements

We believe in:
  • A safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all
  • Recognizing each student as a whole
  • Elevating our students’ voices
  • Diversity: People are our most important resource
  • Anticipating and creating change
  • Active family and community engagement
  • Innovative and equitable curriculum

Strategic Goal Areas

Goal Statement:
  • We will ensure equitable academic achievement for all students through investment in an adaptive and inclusive curriculum.
Priority Objectives:
  • Increase Trades/Career Technical Education Opportunities
  • Enhance District:District-Wide Multi Multi-Tiered Systems of Support to Reach All Learners
  • Continue K-12 Curriculum Development and Review Including Alignment, Support Materials, and Instructional Strategies
  • Adapt Curriculum to Incorporate English Learner Supports
  • Meaningful Professional Development for Staff Based on District Needs
  • Increase Career Exploration Across All Levels
Goal Statement:
  • We will ensure communication is accessible and timely between students, staff, and community.

Priority Objectives:
  • Increase Translated Communications for Students and Parents
  • Implement Enhanced District Website
  • Create Intentional Focus on Positive Communications
  • Build Relationships with Business/Community
  • Develop and Implement “Know Who to Call” Communication Protocols
Goal Statement:
  • We will provide an authentic, inclusive, and interactive learning environment for all.
Priority Objectives:
  • Continue and Grow the Implementation of Whole Child Initiatives District District-Wide
  • Increase Opportunities for Student Participation in Clubs and Activities After School
  • Enhance School School-Wide PBIS Including Celebrations and Incentives
  • Enhance Opportunities for Staff to Participate in Decision Decision-Making
  • Enhance Opportunities for Interactive Learning
Goal Statement:
  • We will provide fully operational, accessible, and safe building facilities.
Priority Objectives:
  • Develop Funding Sources to Update and Improve Facilities
  • Continue Facility Study Process to Determine Needs
  • Enhance Preventative Maintenance Protocols
  • Develop Purchasing and Replacement Plan for Technology, Infrastructure, Vehicles, and Equipment
  • Explore Opportunities for Outdoor Learning Spaces
  • Continue to Review and Enhance Safety and Crisis Procedures
Goal Statement:
  • We will retain and recruit a diverse and qualified staff.

Priority Objectives:
  • Be Intentional About Hiring Diversified Staff
  • Recruit and Retain Additional ESL Teachers and EL Staff
  • Enhance Leadership Capacity of Staff
  • Intentionally Celebrate Staff
  • Enhance Staff Induction Program
  • Review Special Education Program and Processes