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Technology Protection Plan


Dearborn Heights School District 7 offers an optional technology protection plan for each device issued to students. This plan covers accidental damage to your child’s Chromebook and theft. The plan does not cover loss of the device and/or its accessories, cosmetic damage, or damages caused by misuse.


The costs for the yearly protection plan are outlined below. If the cost is a financial burden for your family, please contact your building principal to discuss alternate options. Parents who choose not to purchase the technology protection plan will be fully responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to their child’s device.


To enroll in the protection plan for 2024-2025, please complete the form attached in the file below and return it to your building principal. Payments can be made by cash, check made out to Dearborn Heights School District No. 7, or online by using the button below.


Annual Cost:

  • $50/year per student device, $100/year per family up to 3 students 
    • Device is insured from September - August of current school year
    • Must be paid for by Friday September 23, 2024
    • New students must purchase within two weeks of enrolling


Protection Deductibles:

    • 1st Claim: No Cost
    • 2nd Claim: $20
    • 3rd Claim:  $40
    • 4th Claim: Device Replacement

Repair/loss costs without insurance:

Keyboard: $15.95

Screen: $54.95

Motherboard: $99.95

Charger: $25.00

Device Replacement: $300.00

Screen Bezel: $12.95