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Online Payment

District 7 is pleased to bring the online convenience of paying for school related expenses through, PaySchools. This will allow you to make payments online via e-check or credit card.
Payments made to cafeteria accounts must be made through Parent Connect. You will need your Parent Connect PIN and Password. If you do not have this information please contact the office where your child attends school.
How to Register at PaySchools
Parents or guardians must create a username and password to make payments. There is a one time set up registration for each child that you will be making payments for. The steps below will assist you in the registration process.
1. Click a category link that you will make a payment. 
2. Click the Add to Cart button
3. Indicate dollar amount to pay- (dollar amount must be at least $5.00) then click Set Payment Amount.
4. Click the Check Out button
5. At the Check Out screen users are asked to enter an E-mail Address and Password. First time users must register at this point.
6. You must complete a registration for each child that you will be making payments for. Enter each child's first and last name, grade and student id number (2000####). Check with the front office of your child's school if you do not have your child's student id number.
7. Post funds to your child's account.
Once you are registered then you can pay by e-check or credit card.Payments by e-check will be directly debited from your bank account. You will enter your bank’s routing number and personal bank account number. Payments made by credit card you must enter the account number and expiration date for your VISA, MasterCard or Discover credit card. After you complete your purchase, a confirmation receipt will be e-mailed to you.