District Adminstration

Mark Kleinhans, Superintendent 313-203-3180 [email protected]
Dr. Kellie Finnie, Director of Curriculum and Innovation  313-203-1000 [email protected]
Scott Armstrong, Assistant Superintendent/Director of Special Education 313-203-3176 [email protected]
Steven Gary, Director of Operations 313.203.3231 [email protected] 
Shaheen Algharably, Director of Technology 313-244-0470 [email protected]
Dr. Maria Gistinger, Business Manager 313-312-8102 [email protected]
Susan Surma, Senior Executive Assistant
Superintendent/Board of Education
313-203-3180 [email protected]
Holly Nichols,  Administrative Assistant
Assistant Superintendent
313-203-3171 [email protected]
Jan Simmons, Administrative Assistant  313-203-0501 [email protected]
Lorraine Len, Payroll  313-203-3174 [email protected]
Leslie Davis,  Administrative Assistant
Special Education 
313-203-3176                 [email protected]
Andrea Lopez, Accounts Payable 313-203-3172 [email protected]
Carol Alexander, Pupil Accountant/Mistar Administrator 313.203.3182 [email protected]