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    Since you're checking out our website you must be looking for safe future-ready schools or you're already involved in the community and you realize that not even a global pandemi can stop teaching and learning in D7 schools When things changed with the pandemic, the second schools need to adapt are people were able to develop safe clean socially distant space with the best PPE, or bring the classrooms home to our students. We have the ability to change immediately so that learning never stopped. Our people prove once again now more than ever they had no problem preparing young people for a world that rapidly changes. For me personally schools change my life, As a young person growing up, I lived in a community with plenty of adverse circumstances. School was a safe haven. I valued the connections I had with teachers. It was an opportunity for me to live into becoming the best version of myself. As an educator for nearly 20 years, father of three school-age children, I understand the challenges that we face in school today. My wife is also an educator so my whole family believes in the significance and power of Education. Before coming to D7, I worked in three School District serving as a teacher, program coordinator, and administrator. Through those experiences I learned the importance of communitym, collaboration, and service that is exactly why I came to the D7 Community. We partner with our community to collaborate with thought leaders to develop teachers and staff to master things like Project-based learning incorporating science technology engineering math. We have CAD programs that teach students how to build Bridges, we offer robotics, and put a laptop in the hands of every single student. We all know the schools should have winning athletics. But they must have Educators who can get kid's Future Ready wherever they are. As D7 moves forward we are looking to opportunities to develop partnerships with local universities and businesses so young people can understand that what they're learning school can be applied to real-life. Opportunities with CTE Home Building manufacturing opportunities that are relevant today and will be for tomorrow. We also look for additional opportunities what are advanced placement classes programs and other opportunities for young people to continue to challenge themselves. So at Dearborn Heights district 7 schools we make a huge difference in the lives of young people. Not only do we have a place where everyone we can meet them right where they are. So thanks for checking out our website and partnering with us to discov

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