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Program Requirements

Once accepted into the DHVA program, students MUST meet the following six requirements to remain in the program:
1. Students MUST log into courses 5 days each week.
Students can work on courses Monday through Sunday! They have the flexibility to choose which days they work; HOWEVER, we take "attendance" by tracking the number of days students log in. There must be 5 days of work each week!.
Students who do not log in 5 days each week will not be allowed to remain in the program!

2. Students MUST work 4-5 hours each of the five days they log in.
Or, in other words, students must work on courses 20 to 25 hours each week!

If you were attending traditional school, you might have to be there at 7:30 am and stay until 3 pm. In online learning, you can work when you want. If you are not a morning person, work on your courses in the evening! Also, some courses may be harder than others and take more time. You have the flexibility to adjust the time as you need it.

Spending adequate time working on course work is a common problem for many students. Some students log in and work for an hour and then stop. An hour here & there is just not enough time! These students are not done with their courses when the semester ends and they lose credits. 
Students who do not put in enough time and complete courses will not be allowed to remain in the program!

3. Students MUST communicate with their online teachers and mentors EVERY WEEK!

Since students do not come into our building, we do not get a chance to see them and talk to them about how they are doing in their courses. We communicate via email, phone calls, texts, chats, etc. We check in with kids each week.
Failure to answer our calls and emails is grounds for removal from the program.

4. Students MUST gain credits toward graduation!
We understand that occasionally a student will struggle with a course, but when a student fails all courses we cannot keep him/her in the program. Failing courses is an indication that online learning is not working and we cannot keep students in the program if they do not finish and pass courses. Our students must show progress toward graduation. We offer many supports to help students succeed. We have tutoring, help with assignments, counseling, etc.
Failure to take advantage of these supports and achieve credits toward graduation is grounds for removal from the program.

5. Students MUST maintain academic integrity!
When working online, it is easy to "cut & paste" work from websites and use that as your own work. This is cheating! If caught, students have consequences that range from a warning and loss of points (for first offence) to removal from the program (for repeat offences).

6. Students MUST ask for help!
Online students sometime feel isolated and alone. If they get stuck, they do not ask for help. Students in online learning MUST learn to YELL! They need to let us know when they need help so we can assist them before they get too far behind.