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Frequently Asked Questions

DHVA: Frequently Asked Questions 
Since we began our program in 2010, we've been asked some great questions. We included some here to help you! 

Can I take Gym online?  
We get asked this all the time. YES. Physical Education is available online. Topics included fitness, physical health, wellness, conditioning, and some sports and recreation instruction. Yes, you will have to do some activities on your own, but the courses meet the requirements for physical education. Here is a link to a news story about taking gym online.

Is the program hard?  
The answer to this depends on how you are as a student. The work is very similar to the work you do in a regular school. You'll have papers, quizzes, exams, projects, labs, etc. Work is graded and there are due dates. If you are a fairly good student, you will find the work manageable, but online school is NOT easy!

Can I transfer in credits?  
If you have credits from another accredited high school, we will evaluate your transcript and determine how those credits can transfer to help you move toward graduation.

Can I work on Saturday and take Monday off?  
Yes! We require that you log in and work 5 days out of 7, but it does not matter what days of the week you work on courses. That is all up to you! How do I get my work to my teachers? Most courses have "drop boxes" where you upload your work electronically. Some teachers will accept email attachments.
Is there a graduation ceremony? 
YES! DHVA graduates join Annapolis High School graduates in the District's graduation ceremony in June. DHVA grads wear a cap & gown and walk across the stage and receive a diploma just like all District grads!
How many credits do I need to graduate? 
Currently DHVA requires 18 credits to graduate, but there are specific courses that need to be taken. Beginning with the class of 2016, the total credits needed increases to 20 to comply with the new State language requirements. See graduation requirements for more details.
If I don't like online learning, can I go back to a regular high school? 
If our program isn't for you, can can transfer back to your home high school. We will generate a transcript showing the courses you took at DHVA and your grades. It is up to the new school to determine how they will apply those credits. IMPORTANT NOTE: Students must meet the graduation requirements from the school they will graduate from. DHVA is on semesters and provides 5 courses each term. That means DHVA students have a chance to achieve 5 credits each year they are in our program. For example, a student would have 10 credits if he attended DHVA for two years and passed all his courses.. If he transferred back to a traditional high school, 10 credits might not be enough to classify him as a junior and he might be short credits to graduate from the new school. Students thinking about transferring out of DHVA need to check the classification and graduation requirements of their new school. 
When do semesters start and end? or When can I start?
How many new students DHVA accepts is based on the number of openings we have. We accept new students during July and August for classes that begin in September. We open enrollment again in December for the Winter term if we have openings. Our Fall semester begins the Tuesday after Labor Day and runs till the 2nd week of January. Our Winter semester begins the 2nd week of January and runs till the third week of June. HOWEVER, there is some flexibility with online learning. If a student has been working hard throughout the term and needs an extra week to finish, we can often extend the term to help him/her be successful. Extensions are given on a case-by-case basis and are determined by the director based on student progress and effort. 

Can I play sports or join clubs at Annapolis? 
DHVA is a separate high school in the Dearborn Heights 7 school district. Annapolis is the district's traditional high school. DHVA students CANNOT play Annapolis sports or participate in AHS activities and clubs. 

Can I take vacations during school? 
YES! Your courses are available anywhere you have internet access. You still need to meet the program log in requirements however.

What if I'm stuck and need help? 
DHVA offers one-on-one tutoring and help with assignments.  In the past, this has been offered in one of the District buildings, but has now shifted to online help sessions. We set up individual appointments with students for virtual sessions in which students can use screen-sharing tools and work collaboratively on assignments. These web sessions remove the need for transportation and allow us to offer a greater variety of times for tutoring sessions. For example, we offer tutoring sessions in the evening and on weekends if that is when a students is available and needs help.  Bottom line is if you are stuck, you need to let us know so we can get you help!