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Graduation Requirements

The DHVA’s graduation requirements incorporate the full Michigan Merit Curriculum. The State has issued a Frequently Asked Questions document to help parents and students understand the graduation requirements passed in 2006. Please note as the State requirements changes, so do our graduation requirements.

Candidates for graduation must have earned a minimum of 18 units of approved credit and have been in a Dearborn Heights Virtual Academy for at least the senior year. DHVA does not accept part-time students. Students must carry 5 courses to be considered full-time. The typical student graduates with 20 credits.

Credits needed to graduate = 18* 
*For graduating classes prior to 2016: subject to change based on MDE requirements. 
* For Class of 2016, total credit requirements increases to 20.

English -- 4 English Credits Required  
Freshmen English or English I 1 cr
Sophomore English or English II 1 cr
American Literature or English III 1 cr
English IV or British and World Literature or AP English 1 cr
Mathematics -- 4 Math Credits Required  
Algebra 1 (assuming pre-algebra is an 8th grade class) 1 cr
Geometry 1 cr
Algebra 2 1 cr
Pre-calculus/Trigonometry, AP Calculus or AP Statistics or a math credit in senior year 1 cr
Science -- 3 Science Credits Required  
Earth Science or Physical Science 1 cr
Biology 1 cr
Chemistry 1 cr
Social Studies – 3.5 Social Studies Credits Required  
World History 1 cr
US History 1 cr
Geography & World cultures .5 cr
US Government & Politics .5 cr
US and Global Economics .5 cr
Physical Education & Health -- 1 PE/ Health Credit Required  
Physical Education 5 cr each
Skills for Health 5 cr each
Visual, Performing and Applied Arts – 1 Art Credit Required  
Fine Art, Music Appreciation, 3D Art Modeling or equivalent 1 cr
Electives – 1.5 Elective Credit Required
Select from course offerings (.5 to 1 credits depending on course)  
Foreign Language 2 Credits Required
(2 consecutive credits in a language beginning with class of 2016)
Select from course offerings